How to use MORAG

MORAG is an interactive site – so get ready to click and listen, select and view as you embark upon your own personal journey into the creative process.

Along the way you’ll come across images, video clips and audio files, all intended to open doors and inspire you to have a go at your own creative activity. There’s no right or wrong way to move through the site, just follow your instinct and interests.

But just before you set off – a word of caution. Please take care out there, we want you to have a thrilling time, and we also want you to keep yourself safe. So please make sure you warm up if you’re doing any movement work, ensure that any equipment you use is handled according to instructions and generally just don’t over-do it –MORAG isn’t a race, it’s a journey, so make sure you keep to a pace that you find comfortable.

OK – ready to go? Then we’re off …

There are five main sections to MORAG, plus Guides and the facility to follow specific art forms, so here’s an outline map of what’s out there to explore.

Think about it: All about sources of inspiration; from pictures by other artists to everyday sounds and household objects, inspiration is all around you.

Get going: This is full of warm up exercises and suggestions to get you started on your own creative journey.

Keep going: Adds new ideas and suggestions for developing your creative activity. There’s also an Emergency Restart button, just in case you get stuck.

How did it go?: Gives you the chance to reflect on the activity – what you liked about it, what the best bits were, and what you would do differently next time.

What next?: Here you will find further suggestions of what you might care to do to expand your activity, together with links to other creative sites.

Really Random: Just that – a collection of really random items, a bit like postcards home, that you can dip in to whenever you fancy.

And talking of postcards home – you can upload your own activities to the site and share them with fellow-travellers, but first you’ll have to register so you can log in – you can do that by visiting the Join Us page.

Art forms: The six different art forms are tagged throughout the website, so all you have to do is choose which one you want to follow and, as you travel through the site, MORAG will select the relevant examples for you.

Guides: Each artist has produced a Guide to their own activities. These can be downloaded onto your own computer, for future reference.